Historical development of the firm Klaus Doppelbauer GmbH

-1995 Klaus Doppelbauer, collaborator in the transport division of a prefabrication factory, made his exam of concession for the transportation industry. For many years his main goal has been to build up his own haulage firm.

-1996 Klaus Doppelbauer and his wife Heidelinde founded their first haulage firm and purchased 2 new SCANIA articulated lorries. They work for different carriages, which primarily serve the Benelux countries and Germany.

-1997 Klaus Doppelbauer enlarged his “truck fleet” with two additional SCANIA tractors. While driving one of them, he commands the other three and his wife Heidelinde does the administration at the office.

-1998 – 2001 Klaus Doppelbauer developed his haulage firm continuously, and until the end of the year 2001 there where ten of his modern articulated lorries on Europe’s motorways. The tractors are from Mercedes, the semi trailers from the German manufacturer Kögel in Ulm.

-2002 Foundation of the Klaus Doppelbauer GmbH Internationale Transporte.

-2003 Extension of the firm up to 15 articulated lorries, new investment in DAF tractor-trailer machines and Schwarzmüller semi-trailers.

-2004 Entering new markets, the firm Doppelbauer serves now UK, Germany, Benelux, Italy and Switzerland regularly. New clients of the packaging-, food- and wood industry help to secure the capacity utilisation of the haulage firm.

-2005 Participation of the Klaus Doppelbauer GmbH at the Hungarian carriage “Transspido Transport & Logistik Kft” in Györ.